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The Challenge

One Set 4 Challenge

The One Set 4 Challenge, is a movement driven by passion, wellness, and change. It was created to motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle while building awareness of goodwill.

Many of us find it hard to set some time aside to exercise during the day, which may be due to lack of motivation or because we are just too busy. People find it even more difficult to give back to help change the way we live in this wonderful earth.

We want to challenge you!

Support one of these 4 causes!

Autism Soccer

Blue Missions Group The Nature Conservancy Wildlife Conservation Network

The challenge simply consists of sharing a short video (on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) capturing one set of your daily workout, even if it’s the only set you do, and then tagging a friend, family member, or follower in the post caption (including #OneSet4Challenge). Then, select one of the four causes we support to help raise awareness, preferably the one you are most passionate about. The person you tagged has four days to respond to your challenge by challenging someone else, otherwise they can choose to donate towards the cause you selected. Their donation can be directly to the cause or through the One Set 4 shop, there is no minimum amount.

You have been challenged!

Who will you challenge next?

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