10 % OF OS4 PROFITS ARE DONATED TO HELP Families in extreme poverty address basic needs. (i.e. food, shelter, education and health.)

Aiding Youth Sports In Need


We want to thank you for the valuable resources and effort you have added to our mission.

One Set 4 - Charitable Mission

What’s the One Set 4 mission?

At One Set 4, we are committed to delivering exciting and gratifying opportunities through valuable partnerships and conscious actions. We believe that goodwill and wellness should be a common goal for every individual, that is why we have combined both to bring you a fitness community that you can rely on to help make this world a better place. Profits from all products, services, and events are donated to charitable entities fighting for causes that we believe require more awareness and support.

What is the mission of this campaign?

Our main focus of this campaign is to develop a sustainable educational and health aid to children stricken by extreme poverty in La Guajira, Colombia, via the delivery of sporting equipment.

Nueva Life & Game TIme Foundation Collaboration

Why children in La Guajira, Colombia?

This is a remote community where extreme poverty is found along with a drastic number of youth deaths due to malnutrition every year. Most families in this area do not have access to potable water and most children do not attend or get a full education because of economics. For decades this region has been neglected from fair distribution of resources and developmental support from local entities, as it sadly happens in many other areas around the globe. Although the power to change that is considerably difficult, we choose to find solutions to aid through sustainable charitable development. Soccer/Football, the most common sport these children play serves as a bridge towards education and developmental collaboration.

Why work with Nueva Life & Game Time Foundation?

Over the past year and half we have been nurturing our partnerships with these two charitable teams, because they closely align with our values and long term vision. Nueva Life has years of working towards the sustainable development of health, education, shelter, and nutrition in the region of La Guajira, Colombia. Game Time Foundation is a committed organization with the sole focus of empowering children at greater risk, who lack basic resources, through sustainable sports development. Both organizations bring together the key components needed to create One Set 4’s lasting transformational dream.

Game Time Foundation - #ForTheKids


Thanks to you, our contributors, on June 3rd, 2020 we were able to deliver soccer equipment and smiles to approximately 50 children who practice the sport in La Guajira, Colombia. As you may already be aware of, these children and their families lack many of the basic resources as their region is stricken with extreme poverty.

Although we were unable to travel first hand and deliver the equipment as planned, due to COVID-19 challenges, the Game Time Foundation, Nueva Life, and One Set 4 teams coordinated a way to get the equipment to the destined youth sports organization in need. The soccer balls, soccer cleats, and additional soccer equipment that Game Time Foundation shipped was successfully distributed among children and coaches in this remote community in La Guajira by the amazing local team from Nueva Life.

One Set 4 - #ForTheKids

Despite COVID-19 restrictions and bio safety threats, these children can continue to practice the sport independently, until their classes resume and they can gather to play together safely. Professional soccer, among other sports, leagues worldwide are beginning to kick off and we think this special contribution will motivate and empower healthy growth for these children during a time of turmoil.

At One Set 4 and our partnered organizations, we believe that through sports we can positively impact the educational environment and lifestyle of the youth in these underserved communities. Our teams will continue to work together to empower more of these children in the coming months. Your contribution has been a key component for our success, therefore, we will continue to update you.

Feel free to share our mission with friends and family members that may find it in their hearts to help us continue growing our impact.

Nueva Life Organization - Charitable Project

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