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A Look Into the First 305 Fit-A-Thon

Event Summary, Sponsor Shoutouts & the Cause

The first annual 305 Fit-A-Thon, hosted by One Set 4 and Another Level Fit, was a complete success. Not only in terms of money raised for a great non-profit called NuevaLife, but in terms of inspiring people, it was an even bigger success. An audience of over 50 people came out to support the 15 competitors that gave everything they had, on this day, for this cause. Hence, the event hashtag, #SweatForACause.

The event took place on Saturday, January 5th in Miami, Florida at a local gym, Another Level Fit. Most of the competitors were already members of the gym, but there were a few surprise superstars that came to compete from other gyms. Such as, Jose Luis Bracho who took the first workout by storm with an overall weight of 1,250 pounds lifted within the first round.

Jose Luis Bracho Lifting

To get an idea of how incredible every single competitor performed let’s look at what the competition consisted of:

4 timed workouts (mostly endurance workouts) including box jumps, pushups, burpees, wall balls, thrusters, overhead squats and so on, back to back. It was truly a combination of gruesome workouts created by the minds of coaches at Another Level Fit.

Athlete, Marco Otero doing bar hop burpees

During each heat of every workout both the women and men showed their intense determination. A perfect demonstration of said determination was shown by one of the 5 female competitors, Paige Gogarty. At 40 years old she took on the workouts without hesitation even though her body started to tell her otherwise. She pushed herself beyond her limits.

Paige Gogarty defying her limits

As she did her last reps of thrusters the entire audience, including her fellow competitors, cheered her on until the end. It was truly an event highlight. Her male counterparts were also true testimony that age is but a number. Three out of the 8 men were older than 40 and the men’s winner was Charlie Rodriguez of 49 years old.                

3rd - Lazmel Melendez, 1st - Charlie Rodriguez, 2nd - Duany Hernandez

3rd - Yuni Martin, 1st place - Karina Duran, 2nd - Brigitte Izza

Throughout the entire time the audience kept a sense of inspiration alive in the atmosphere. Children as well as adults were in total awe of what they were witnessing. With every drop of sweat the drive to get fit touched the onlookers.

“It was an awesome event, I hope you guys do it again next year. My kids loved it they want to know when they can come to CrossFit with mom.”  - Krystina Jiron

“I can’t believe people my age are doing this. I feel so out of shape, yet very motivated to start getting fit. If they can do it, so can I.” - Jorge Paez Sr.

The 305 Fit-A-Thon was not only for adults, children were copying the workout moves from the sidelines and engaging with the athletes. The love felt that day not only for the cause, but for the work being put in to every aspect of the event was remarkable.

Even though the audience and the athletes made the event great, the sponsors and volunteers made it one of a kind. Seeing how the entire community came together with local sponsors such as Diced, Intomoto and Kevin Fix Me as well local professionals like Michelle Valentine, DJ Duniel Juan and Adriana Hernandez was the secret ingredient.

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors & Volunteers

Another Level Fit - hosted the event in their headquarters and provided the necessary accommodations without hesitation. Their owner, Ralph Pino worked with One Set 4 to build the workouts, spread the word, recruit the athletes and provide the volunteer coaches to judge the competition. The volunteer coaches showed up with enthusiasm and maintained a positive attitude the entire time. So thank you, your work was not left without much appreciation.

Diced - fueled everyone in the event for free with their fresh, healthy and delicious food.

Intomoto - you can never go wrong with a luxurious Rolls Royce parked out front. Intomoto provided us with a high-end car to look at and raffle off. Thanks to their raffle prize of a full day rental of an exotic and luxury car One Set 4 was able to raise some money for NuevaLife.

Kevin Fix Me - as a licensed massage therapist with a passion for healing, Kevin Castroreyes helped our athletes stay away from injuries and maintain optimal performance with his comprehensive approach to massage therapy.

DJ Duniel - his music kept the athletes pumped, the coaches awake and the crowd entertained.

Michelle VanTine Photography - captured some of the most incredible action photos of every workout. She didn’t miss a beat.

Adriana Hernandez - as a young, professional tattoo artist with a hunger to make a difference on this planet she volunteered her skills for a raffle of a free tattoo that also helped One Set 4 raise funds for NuevaLife.

Without any of you this 305 Fit-A-Thon wouldn’t have been what it was.

Life After the Event, The Nueva Life Project

NuevaLife is a non-profit organization dedicated to improve the lifestyle of communities in extreme poverty. They create education, health, food, and shelter projects in order to facilitate future sustainability in such poverty stricken communities.

Most recently, NuevaLife has helped established windmill powered wells that give locals access to clean water in a remote town in Colombia. The funds raised with the 305 Fit-A-Thon will allow One Set 4 to help NuevaLife take the next step in their sustainable mission project. Along with sports equipment for the children to play with, One Set 4 will aid in the effort to grow small organic gardens in order to create a sustainable and healthy food source.

As we do our part in making a difference with NuevaLife you can too by directly donating to NuevaLife or by buying our shop products. Profits from all products, services, and events are donated to charitable entities such as NuevaLife.

If you’d like to keep up with the progress of these sustainable community projects make sure to follow us on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter. Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of the exclusive images from the first annual 305 Fit-A-Thon!

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